Ploobis is an alien 👽 ⚠️

There’s a theory that’s been circulating among some groups of people that Ploobis, the popular internet personality, might actually be an alien.

According to this theory, Ploobis’ unusual appearance and behavior are evidence of his extraterrestrial origins. Some people believe that his seemingly random and quirky sense of humor is actually a way for him to communicate with his alien brethren.

Furthermore, there are reports of Ploobis having strange abilities that are not typical of humans. For example, some claim that he has the power to levitate objects with his mind and that he can communicate telepathically with other aliens.

Despite Ploobis’ claims that he is just a regular guy, some people think that he is actually trying to cover up his true identity. They believe that he is working with a secret government agency to keep his alien origins a secret from the general public.

Of course, there is no concrete evidence to support these claims, and many people dismiss them as simply being the product of an overactive imagination. Nevertheless, some individuals continue to speculate about Ploobis’ true nature, and they eagerly await any further evidence that might come to light in the future.

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feels like something chatgpt would write

no, absolutely not
and no, my second tab isn’t

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“Popular internet personality” lmao

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chatgpt moment